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Lightning Fast

North Curl Curl, Sydney NSW, Australia.

I’ve been trying to take a shot that perfectly encapsulates the fury of an electrical storm for some time and today I struck gold, although I was almost struck myself in the process!
After getting this snap I decided i wasn’t done, until a bright flash and tremendous rumble from the skies told me it was perhaps my cue to make a run for it. I darted back to retrieve my fins before legging it towards North Curly Surf Club. Being 6ft 6 I was the tallest landmark on the beach and could feel the electric shocks zapping my neck from my wetsuit zipper. I got down low and bolted, out of breath and almost collapsing as I reached the surf club.
But hey, I got to sit down briefly and watch the spectacular light show, then the hail hit!!
Lesson learnt today: ‘Don’t be greedy!’


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